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Verruca Pedis Treatment

By Imelda Morgan / 3 December 2018 / General Podiatry

verruca on bottom of footWhat is a Verruca?

A verruca, or plantar wart, is caused by a virus that gets into the skin either through a cut or abrasion and can enlarges, cause pain and develop callous. They are caused by the Human Papiloma Virus (HPV) and are seen more commonly in children. To the naked eye, verruca’s look like a wart, and are often mistaken for a hard corn on the foot. Verruca’s are very good at hiding in the skin meaning your body isn’t aware they are there and therefore can’t get rid of it.

What are the treatment options?

There are various treatment options we offer at Waitakere Foot. In some cases, the verruca will disappear on its own, with no treatment intervention.

The conservative option involves debridement of the area, and application of salicylic acid or silver nitrate. GP clinics often offer a similar treatment called cryotherapy, which is often painful and not as effective. For stubborn, severe cases, your Podiatrist may suggest the verruca needling procedure.

What is the Verruca Needling Procedure?

The verruca needling procedure is considered a minor surgery and is performed under a local anaesthetic. We numb the area of the verruca, then debride and cut away the majority of the lesion. Then, using needles, we puncture the wound multiple times, to stimulate the immune system. This causes an immune response by introducing viral particles into the blood stream and prompts the body to get rid of the verruca.

This treatment option is usually used for stubborn, large verruca’s or verruca’s that are not responding to conservative treatment.  The needling procedure is a very invasive technique, however often quick results are achieved.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Is the verruca needling procedure right for me?

This treatment option is usually used for stubborn, large verruca’s or verruca’s that are not responding to conservative treatment. Patients need an INITIAL assessment with one of our Podiatrist before booking the needling procedure.

Is the verruca needling procedure painful?

Often the application of the local anaesthetic can be uncomfortable, but we ensure the area is numb before commencing the procedure, so it is painless. Following the procedure, patients experience minimal pain.

Will I see results straight away?

No. For the immune response to occur, we have to give your body time. You will have a 1-week follow up with your Podiatrist to check the wound, then we wait 6-8 weeks following the procedure. Often at this time, patients have healed, and the verruca gone.